Today is:
#ECO Conscious

Our Manifesto

Time is a Paradox: We live in the magic and immediacy of the present where the future always starts today. This may sound somehow overwhelming, but it’s really not.¬†

We’re not talking about the future in big bold letters. No, things can be less complicated. Life can be seen as a series of small steps. One after the other. That’s why today matters, because today is when everything occurs.

Today is the right moment to act and to make things happen. Our recipe is quite elemental: Today make things simple. Don’t take things too seriously. Today live as naturally as you can.

Today be nice whenever you have the chance. Today laugh as much as you can -but, please, don’t try too hard. Today go as far as you feel like going.

Today start taking care of you and the ones you love. Today make your day count and leave your mark. Today is the day to feel great with yourself. Because, if not today, then when?


We use 100% natural ingredients.

Free of parabens, oxybenzone, mercury,

and other risky ingredients.

Today we are cruelty free.

Today we are aware about what

our product does and what doesn’t.

Today we are honest about or ingredients

and their effects.

Today we tell the true.

If not today,
then when?